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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Yummy Dressing

So Tonight I just made an awesome supper for my hubby and I , it was a light dinner but it was yummy !

Garlic Chicken Breast
cold zucchini and  tomato salad + homemade french dressing 

You can find the recipe by clicking on the link
 it is healthy and tastes great!
 I am really digging homemade dressings and sauces these days :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Dish Soap The Stain Remover for Just about anything!!

HI Everyone !

 I am back and ready to write!

Today I  Just want to let you  all in on a little Secret ! You don't have to spend extra on stain remover. Let your dish soap   do double duty  as a Stain remover !!! How did  I discover this well funny story, I was dying my hair in our bathroom and when I Accidentally grabbed one of the "good" towels as I was getting out of the shower and I still had a little bit of  dye on my hands.  I remembered that dish soap was good for hair when  you want to get the color out of it so I thought why not the same for a towel.

This Was My Procedure

  1. Spray stained spots with shout ( I don't think this step is necessary )
  2.  Filled a bucket with  water  and dish soap 
  3. Placed towel in Bucket and let soak for a day !
  4. Next day nothing no stains as good as new!!

I wanted to put this theory to the test even further!

  I  Had a few stains on my  table cloth  cherry & mustard  more specifically

  1.  Took some Paper towel  poured some good old dish soap on there 
  2.  Ran some water on it
  3. then scrubbed the areas for about a minute and presto the stains  are completely gone.

 What a Miracle I know !! :)

p.s I use Palmolive original dish soap

 What are some of your Stain Remover Miracles ?

Monday, 9 July 2012

Hello! I'm back

Hello All my wonderful readers I am back !!!

 I just finished my vacation and moved into a new apartment but expect some awesome blogging this week!

Sincerely Lesha

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tips & Treats Thursday

Tip of the Day:  Dry Erase Boards

These Simple Little things are amazing !  
  • They Save Paper
  • They can be peronalized
  • You can hang them almost anywhere!
  • Cheap & Easy to make your own

I love my cute little Dry Erase Board which is on my fridge. I use it to write out my cleaning plan, to do list or my husband and I leave cute little love notes or reminders to each other.

I bought mine at Bureau Engros on sale for  1.50$, but you can also find them at the dollar store, Walmart almost any department store, or if you are the DIY  kind of girl here is an awesome way to save money be creative and get a personalized dry erase board to your liking under 5$.


 My  Next Project & Inspiration for my New Dry Erase  Board Planning  !!!!

Treat of the Day:  Maple-Glazed Baby Carrots

I did this  simple but delicious side dish for Easter. It was my First Easter dinner that I was hosting since getting married in October. I wanted something quick and easy as well  as healthy and yummy I wanted a side dish that  had it all LOL :p.  We did it buffet style so   this fit in perfect. I found the recipe off of  Kraft Canada.

Maple-Glazed Baby Carrots recipe 

 Maple-Glazed Baby Carrots recipe at


Sincerely Lesha

Friday, 15 June 2012

It's Time for a Monthly Give Away!

Hi All my beautiful and Lovely Readers !

 For The Next Couple Of Months I Will be giving away  mini  cook books from the Chef express  volume 2 series.






 TO ENTER !!! 
 You Have To Do Two Things

1. Like This Post  On My  Facebook ( Lesha Turner) 

p.s this  rule only  is for those who have me as a friend if you don't have me as a friend don't wry you can still enter !

2. Comment Below By Answering the Question of  The Month for The Prize

(June 15th- June 30th)< winner drawn on the 3oth at 12:00 Am



Lesha Turner

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Learning How to be the Housewife & Career women all at once while balancing on my head !




Hello Ladies !

 Today  I was  just thinking and more curious how everyone who seems to be so organized with there household with cleaning, cooking etc... HOW DO YOU  DO IT !!  ?  Me I am still learning  and adapting to finding a routine that works for me. I work full time I am a supervisor at  winners meaning I work practically everyday. Shifts ranging anywhere from an  early morning shift to a late night shift. So I can be very tired or just plain lazy at times :P   Recently I  would say  I've improved though. When my husband and I  were first married as in the first month or so (  p.s we are still newlyweds 8 months) I would wine and wine about the dishes and I would get so annoyed with doing them. Now Yes dishes are not my fav but I do them  because  I love to serve  my husband as well as appreciate him.  He does the same for me if he is home he will do them for me while I am at work. So I am getting there ! 

Still what about those days I work 1-10pm!?  I am usually exhausted when I get home  just  want to veg. I Still Struggle  with adapting a  routine for these days. I get maybe the dishes done in the morning but that's usually it. I am always ambitious and set my alarm for 7:00 am but always seem to only wake up really at 9:00 and I have to catch my bus at 12:00 does not leave much lean way. I lack the discipline and motivation on these days for housework because I know for the next 9 hours of work I will be picking up clothes and cleaning and serving all day.

 I am Proud to say though that I went from a whining wife to a wife who does love to serve her husband in homemaking when I have the time too :P   I am also truly blessed to have personal chef in my kitchen almost everyday , my husband! He Loves to cook he cooks most of our dinners and lunches. He also is a team player when it comes to house work and helps me with the cleaning, so getting the apartment clean is not a problem  it is just more  I desire to  maintain organization and house management , etc... for my husband because I love him.  

MY WEEKENDS THANK GOD  I HAVE DEVELOPED A CLEANING ROUTINE IT LOOKS LIKE THIS ( P.s I don't  have every  weekend off I have every second weekend off !)

  • Wake Up  at 8:30-9:00 am Saturday ( about an hour before my husband gets up :P)
  • Write My Cleaning Action Plan for the Day or weekend on my dry erase board
  • The Plan usually looks something like this:  
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Clean  Bathroom
  • Clean  Hallway
  • Clean Living Room
  • Clean Bedroom
  • Do Laundry
  • Take Out Garbage & Recycling

 This works for me and I have adapted now to this routine it  usually will  take me 2- 3 hours!  done   by 11:30 -12 usually.  Sunday I just  tidy a little.

I am trying and I am actually  getting inspired by all  these homemaking blogs out there it has shown me it is possible to keep a house organized and clean etc.. while   having a billion other things going on Like balancing on your head  hehe LOL. Well maybe not literally ! but you get the idea. Writing this  blog has also helped  to put my life in prospective by digging into the things God desires in me as a wife. I am currently doing the proverbs 31 bible study from GoodMorning   I am also  putting together my own  House management binder, to help me stay  focused and on track..  I am still struggling with actually writing  in it though and sticking to it  DISCIPLINE!!!  LOL oh I will get it. I find organizing fun and I am good at it when I  find something that works for me.



 I  look forward to  hearing from you ,  especially those wives who  have a career!

 Please pray for  me  in this  journey of  Homemaking and learning  to stay focused and discipline myself I have a tendency to procrastinate or  get distracted  when it comes to cleaning !


Lesha Turner

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stylish Sundays

  Great Classic For Work ! Red and  Ankle Pants you can't go wrong !
Red + Beige= Classic