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Friday, 20 July 2012

Dish Soap The Stain Remover for Just about anything!!

HI Everyone !

 I am back and ready to write!

Today I  Just want to let you  all in on a little Secret ! You don't have to spend extra on stain remover. Let your dish soap   do double duty  as a Stain remover !!! How did  I discover this well funny story, I was dying my hair in our bathroom and when I Accidentally grabbed one of the "good" towels as I was getting out of the shower and I still had a little bit of  dye on my hands.  I remembered that dish soap was good for hair when  you want to get the color out of it so I thought why not the same for a towel.

This Was My Procedure

  1. Spray stained spots with shout ( I don't think this step is necessary )
  2.  Filled a bucket with  water  and dish soap 
  3. Placed towel in Bucket and let soak for a day !
  4. Next day nothing no stains as good as new!!

I wanted to put this theory to the test even further!

  I  Had a few stains on my  table cloth  cherry & mustard  more specifically

  1.  Took some Paper towel  poured some good old dish soap on there 
  2.  Ran some water on it
  3. then scrubbed the areas for about a minute and presto the stains  are completely gone.

 What a Miracle I know !! :)

p.s I use Palmolive original dish soap

 What are some of your Stain Remover Miracles ?


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