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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Learning How to be the Housewife & Career women all at once while balancing on my head !




Hello Ladies !

 Today  I was  just thinking and more curious how everyone who seems to be so organized with there household with cleaning, cooking etc... HOW DO YOU  DO IT !!  ?  Me I am still learning  and adapting to finding a routine that works for me. I work full time I am a supervisor at  winners meaning I work practically everyday. Shifts ranging anywhere from an  early morning shift to a late night shift. So I can be very tired or just plain lazy at times :P   Recently I  would say  I've improved though. When my husband and I  were first married as in the first month or so (  p.s we are still newlyweds 8 months) I would wine and wine about the dishes and I would get so annoyed with doing them. Now Yes dishes are not my fav but I do them  because  I love to serve  my husband as well as appreciate him.  He does the same for me if he is home he will do them for me while I am at work. So I am getting there ! 

Still what about those days I work 1-10pm!?  I am usually exhausted when I get home  just  want to veg. I Still Struggle  with adapting a  routine for these days. I get maybe the dishes done in the morning but that's usually it. I am always ambitious and set my alarm for 7:00 am but always seem to only wake up really at 9:00 and I have to catch my bus at 12:00 does not leave much lean way. I lack the discipline and motivation on these days for housework because I know for the next 9 hours of work I will be picking up clothes and cleaning and serving all day.

 I am Proud to say though that I went from a whining wife to a wife who does love to serve her husband in homemaking when I have the time too :P   I am also truly blessed to have personal chef in my kitchen almost everyday , my husband! He Loves to cook he cooks most of our dinners and lunches. He also is a team player when it comes to house work and helps me with the cleaning, so getting the apartment clean is not a problem  it is just more  I desire to  maintain organization and house management , etc... for my husband because I love him.  

MY WEEKENDS THANK GOD  I HAVE DEVELOPED A CLEANING ROUTINE IT LOOKS LIKE THIS ( P.s I don't  have every  weekend off I have every second weekend off !)

  • Wake Up  at 8:30-9:00 am Saturday ( about an hour before my husband gets up :P)
  • Write My Cleaning Action Plan for the Day or weekend on my dry erase board
  • The Plan usually looks something like this:  
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Clean  Bathroom
  • Clean  Hallway
  • Clean Living Room
  • Clean Bedroom
  • Do Laundry
  • Take Out Garbage & Recycling

 This works for me and I have adapted now to this routine it  usually will  take me 2- 3 hours!  done   by 11:30 -12 usually.  Sunday I just  tidy a little.

I am trying and I am actually  getting inspired by all  these homemaking blogs out there it has shown me it is possible to keep a house organized and clean etc.. while   having a billion other things going on Like balancing on your head  hehe LOL. Well maybe not literally ! but you get the idea. Writing this  blog has also helped  to put my life in prospective by digging into the things God desires in me as a wife. I am currently doing the proverbs 31 bible study from GoodMorning   I am also  putting together my own  House management binder, to help me stay  focused and on track..  I am still struggling with actually writing  in it though and sticking to it  DISCIPLINE!!!  LOL oh I will get it. I find organizing fun and I am good at it when I  find something that works for me.



 I  look forward to  hearing from you ,  especially those wives who  have a career!

 Please pray for  me  in this  journey of  Homemaking and learning  to stay focused and discipline myself I have a tendency to procrastinate or  get distracted  when it comes to cleaning !


Lesha Turner


Stephanie Joanna said...

Hi Lesha! Love your blog. I'm a newlywed too and I also work full-time, so I totally understand the struggle in trying to find balance. What I do when it comes to cleaning is I try to turn it into something fun. I turn on the music and sing along while I clean. Sometimes I even dance a little while I'm sweeping lol. It makes things go WAY faster and it keeps me motivated to clean.

I try to clean a little everyday, rather than try to tackle lots of things at once. I'm lucky because I work 9 to 5 so I always have my evenings off ... but if you're able to spend even 30 minutes a day (morning, afternoon, evening, whenever) tidying up a bit it helps.

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