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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tips & Treats Thursday

Tip of the Day:  Dry Erase Boards

These Simple Little things are amazing !  
  • They Save Paper
  • They can be peronalized
  • You can hang them almost anywhere!
  • Cheap & Easy to make your own

I love my cute little Dry Erase Board which is on my fridge. I use it to write out my cleaning plan, to do list or my husband and I leave cute little love notes or reminders to each other.

I bought mine at Bureau Engros on sale for  1.50$, but you can also find them at the dollar store, Walmart almost any department store, or if you are the DIY  kind of girl here is an awesome way to save money be creative and get a personalized dry erase board to your liking under 5$.


 My  Next Project & Inspiration for my New Dry Erase  Board Planning  !!!!

Treat of the Day:  Maple-Glazed Baby Carrots

I did this  simple but delicious side dish for Easter. It was my First Easter dinner that I was hosting since getting married in October. I wanted something quick and easy as well  as healthy and yummy I wanted a side dish that  had it all LOL :p.  We did it buffet style so   this fit in perfect. I found the recipe off of  Kraft Canada.

Maple-Glazed Baby Carrots recipe 

 Maple-Glazed Baby Carrots recipe at


Sincerely Lesha


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